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BZoo : Network Gaming for Blender


BZoo is a Game Creation Suite to use with Blender Game Engine.


Blender artists can use BZoo in different kinds of real-time applications such as adventure games, multi-user walkthrough, 3D IRC client or network player versus player games without any programmation. Just by customizing and extending the fully featured game template including premade scripts and logic brick block for user interface and game play facilities,


Because BZoo also includes a totally open middleware for network communication python API and a set of numerous reusable BGE scripts, blender game makers as well as python games developpers can easily extand BZoo to create multi-player online role playing game or virtual worlds.


BZoo being so deeply binded to Blender as an "in-modeler" game creation suite, it is likely to be one of the most efficient tool for rapid game prototyping or semi-pro game creation.


BZoo is tested upon:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista with Blender 2.45 Python 2.5
  • Linux 2.6 Ubuntu 7.0.4 with Blender 2.43 Python 2.4
  • Mac OS X 10.4.10







  • Dual mode view
  • Shooting system
  • Synchronized and collectable objects handling
  • Multiscene support
  • Network saved inventory system
  • Dialog with NPC


  • Multiplayer connections handling
  • Player authentication system
  • Avatar selection screen
  • Interoperability with IRC
  • Flexible file organization for collaborative works
  • Extensible player properties system




Bzoo is a collaborative work. I (Jean-Baptiste PERIN) am very pleased and honored to give credits to:


Thanks to all of them for their help!