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Bzoo Bzoo Download Documentation


Browse the BZoo User Manual (still under writing).


Browse the BZoo Python API.



Quick Tour Instructions.



* Download the BZoo Source Package Archive from the download page .
* Unpack it in the directory of your choice.
* Open the BZooClient.blend file
* Press P
* Press Del , enter your login and press Enter
* Choose your avatar with arrow keys and validate by pressing Enter

You should now be in the main game scene

- Use arrow keys to change point of view
- F1 to get a menu
- F2 to use use "in game" chat
- F3 to connect to IRC chat
- Right click to throw a bomb
- Left click to shoot bullets
- Space to open door (you'll need to have the key in your inventory to do that)

To catch an object from the scene, collide with it.
To start dialog with NPC, get in touch with the character.
To teleport to an other scene, collide with the teleporter.