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Bzoo Bzoo Download Documentation


Second Generation World


BZoo Windows Installer


Download the windows installer if you're under Windows and that you don't have Blender or if you don't want to install Python. Includes both client and server.


BZoo Source Package (platform independent)


Download the source package if you plan to create a game with BZoo. You will need Blender and Python to use the source package. Includes both client and server.



First Generation World



It is strongly recommanded to download Second Generation Template rather than first generation.


World Creation Template

Download it if you plan to create a Virtual world and want a starting point.

This archive contains all files involved into network communication with server and all user interface screens used to interact with BZoo services(such as chat window)

Download the BZoo Client Template.


World Hosting Program

The world hosting program consist in a server program which deals with users connections and message exchanges between all clients.

Download the BzooServer.