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Chapter 2.  BZOO Players Quick Tour

Chapter 2.  BZOO Players Quick Tour

Getting and running Bzoo.

Download the Bzoo archive

Uncompress it in a directory of your choice.

Open BzooClient.blend File

Press P

Register and Login to a Bzoo world

You should arrive on a Login Screen

<< Image>>

Press Del to remove the content of pseudo field

Enter you pseudo.

Press tab to edit password field.

Enter your password.

Press enter or Click « Play online » button to validate and connect to server.

If the pseudo you entered is an existing account on Bzoo server, then password you entered must match with the one registered for this pseudo. Otherwise you will be directed to connection failure report screen.

If the pseudo/password you gave match those of an existing account on Bzoo server, than you should be directed to the last game scene and position saved for this account.

If no account match then the pseudo/password you gave are used to register a new account on the server.

When an account is created, it has to be affected an avatar. You should then be directed to an avatar choice screen.

Choose an avatar


Use left and right arrow keys to change choice

Press enter to validate.

Now your account is connected with an avatar, other player will see you. Each time

Explore the world

You should arrive on a game scene in which you can

Use arrow keys to move into the scene :

Up key to go forward.

Down key to go backward.

Left key to shift.

Right key to shift right

Use mouse to change view orientation.

Play game

Fullfill a first quest:

Get a key

Open a door

Teleport to an other place

Connect with people

F2 to chat

F3 to IRC chat