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Game Scene Template

Game Scene Template

The Main scene is both a game scene and the heart of a bzoo client.

The best way to create game scenes for your game is to accuratly configure the main scene

and copy it as many time as you want scene in your game.

The client

Located in (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) there's an empty named ???.

This object must be present in every game scene of your game.

It is the object that is in charge of entertaining the connection with the server,

reporting current player situation, refreshing players position ???, and handling some keyboard event such as the function keys F1, F2, F3, etc .

Figure 5.1. BZoo Client

BZoo Client

The player

you can change key used to move by changing keyboard actuators


Two camera are used in this scene.

"FPVCamera" for the first person view and "TPVCamera" used for third person view mode.


When user

Figure 5.2. Bullet


If you plan to add new type of guns,

Linked avatars

Linked avatars are on layer 5 ???

Import not already linked Avatars that you have created into previous step.

It is recomanded to put them on a non visible layer

Players objects

Object that will represent other player are located around ???.

They are composed of an empty named "Base.0xx" , an armature (not used), a mesh and several

It set up the number of simultaneous player in this scene.

If you want your game to accept more people than what's provided in the Main scene, then select the last player object (the one with the highest identifier) and copy it until you reach the number of possible connection you want to accept

(Select Base.0xx and all children...Shift D)

Note that the number of possible player in a scene is also configured through the server command line option.


Adding background images, borders, animation,



Grabable object.

Grabable object are object that can be taken by the player.

An object is considered by bzoo as grabable if it has a grab collision sensor connected to the script as shown in the figure below.

When such an object collide with the player, then it is added into his inventory and vanish from the game scene.

You can specify the amount of by setting up a "quantity" property.

, the value of the quantity property is added to the number of such object in the inventory.

Figure 5.3. Collectable Object 1

Collectable Object 1

They remains available for others players.

Figure 5.4. Collectable Object 2

Collectable Object 2

Some object.

Synchronized object.

Door or Elevators

Figure 5.5. Synchronized object

Synchronized object

Teleporter object.

Figure 5.6. Teleporter