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Chapter6. BZOO FAQ

Chapter6. BZOO FAQ

Player FAQ

How do I start a server?

On windows:

Make sure your firewall grant outgoing connections on port 50001.

Open Server.bat in a text editor.

Change c:\python25\python into the path of your python installation.

Save and Close file

Click on Server.bat icon.

If you want to set the port number onto which your serveur will accept connection and or configure the number max of user connectd,

Open a shell command and start server by performing the command

C:\bzoo>Server.bat <port_number> <nb_max_client>

On linux:

Open a shell and change dir to you're bzoo installation directory.

then launch script.

% <port_number> <nb_max_client>

What do I need to run Bzoo?

Blender 2.45 or higher

Pyton 2.5

How do I custom an automatic login?

If you want to automate your login session so that you don't have to enter login and password each time you start a bzoo client.

Open File <BzooDir>/BzooClient.blend.

In a text editor, edit file to change lines:

Change lines:

GameLogic.bzPseudo = 'Guest'

GameLogic.bzPassword = ''

GameLogic.bzServerName = ''

GameLogic.bzPortNumber = 50001


GameLogic.bzPseudo = 'your_pseudo'

GameLogic.bzPassword = 'your_password'

GameLogic.bzServerName = 'adress_of_your_server'

GameLogic.bzPortNumber = port_number

Nota: If your pseudo is already used on the server, connection will failed. If it happens, choose an other pseudo and replace it.

How do I use Bzoo on a local network?