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Artists FAQ

Artists FAQ

How do I add cinematic to my game?

How do I customize the Login screen?

Open gui/Login/login.blend


How do I increase the number of simultaneous connection on my server?

Default number of is set to 5. You may want to welcome more people in your world. Here'zs the procedure to

Open main.blend file

Box Copy and paste a group as many time as you want of simultaneous possible client in your world.

The automatic numbering process of Blender should create

Make sure it worked as expected.. because Bzoo layer uses Mesh's name to apply avatars

Open the , replace the

How do I customize avatars?

Redesign existing avatars

Open art/Avatars/avatars.blend


Avatars must be named Avatar.0xx

Add new choice of avatars

In Main.scene, append/link new object Avatar.0xx


How do I add a scene to my game and create teleporter to it?

Edit « scripts/ » file

find the line:

GameLogic.bzSceneList = ["Main"]

And modify it to add the name your scene (the one that is displayed in the scene selector) by writing it surrounded by apostrophe and following a coma.

For exemple, if you want to add the scene named « Second », the line should look like something like:

GameLogic.bzSceneList = ["Main", "Second"]

CAUTION: Be careful not to put several time the same name in the list.

Create a directory into the « art/Scene » directory by copying the Main directory. Name the newly create directory as the scene you added in the previous step

Figure 6.1. Scene creation

Scene creation

Rename the Main.blend file in Second directory into Second.blend

Open this file and change the scene name into Second.

Import your art into the scene.

If you use several layer, make sure there all are made visible in the scene.

Create a cube and give the teleport propertySet the property value with the name of the scene Main to which this teleporter should lead.

Add destX, destY and destZ property to configure the otherwise [0.0, 0.0, 2.0] will be used as a defaut value.

Figure 6.2. teleport_property


Save changes to Second.blend and leave

Your scene is now usable .It remains to create a teleporter to it

Open art/Scene/Main/Main.blend

Create a cube and give it a string typed property named « teleport ».

Give this property the value «Main» (It is the name of the scene to which this teleporter will lead.

Save file and leave.

Open BzooClient.blend file

Append/Link the scene art/Scene/Second/Second.blend/Scene/Second by using Relative Path option.

Save the file

Switch to scene « Scene???? »

Camera View

Save File


How do I change the first scene of the game?

Open File scripts/

Change list order:

GameLogic.bzSceneList = ["Main", "Second"]

Save File.

Reload it into BzooClient.blend file.

How do I create a synchronized door?

Create a cube and scale it to look like a door.

Record an IPOs for the newly created door to animate an opening (when played forward) and a closing (when played reward).

Figure 6.3. Doors IPO

Doors IPO

Create logic brick

Figure 6.4. Doors Logic

Doors Logic